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What are the hours of the bakery? Do they take orders?

Open from 8am and close when they are sold out, so go early to avoid disappointment.

Do any grocery stores carry their focaccia?

Andronico’s (now a Safeway) on IrvingSt. sells their bread. Don't know if they still carry it. Also, Giovanni Specialties Store on Union st uses Liguira focaccia to make their Italian sandwiches

Will they do a special order to send by mail? I have a brother in Arizona who is missing the pizza foccacia.

To my knowledge, no. Try calling them.

Do they give tours

No. It's a very tiny 4 generation bakery.

Closed on 4th July?


Does the bakery make bugia cookies.

They have them occasionally. But they do not bake them.

Does Liguria use 100% olive oil on their focaccia?


What are stores Figueroa delivered to?

We're talking about Liguria Bakery on Stockton St.? No delivery that I know of.

What time do they open

I believe it's 8am

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